Grammar testing proposal

Adrian Thurston thurs... at
Sun Oct 22 02:52:06 UTC 2006

To follow up, this is going forward. I have begun a language-independent 
test harness and already used it to find problems with D and Java code 


Adrian Thurston wrote:
> Hi Colin,
> Sorry, there is no BNF, just the bison grammar. The rlscan example is up to 
> date for what it covers. Some things like regex details and keywords have 
> been left out.
> Regards,
>   Adrian
> Colin Fleming wrote:
>> Ok, I agree - for now, a simple pre-processor should be sufficient,
>> since the languages currently are all more or less c-like.
>> BTW do you have a general BNF for the Ragel language? How up to date
>> is examples/rlscan.rl?
>> Cheers,
>> Colin

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