[ragel-users] Re: Packaging ragel for Fedora Extras

Stephen Bannasch step... at concord.org
Mon Mar 26 18:46:11 UTC 2007

At 9:49 AM -0600 3/26/07, Jeremy Hinegardner wrote:
>Hi Adrian,
>Thanks, looks like the packages propogated throughout Fedora Extras this
>weekend so if anyone wants to install ragel on Fedora Core 5 or later
>(Core 6, devel) you can just:
>    yum install ragel
>If anyone finds any bugs with the way it is packaged or deployed on
>Fedora, please don't hesitate to contact me.
>It ended up getting shipped out with Ruby mentioned in the manpage.  If
>you like I'll back that documentation out, and push out a new package
>until you're ready for the ruby feature to be announced.

Hi Jeremy,

I have the following repositories listed:

$ ls /etc/yum.repos.d/
fedora-core.repo         fedora-extras-development.repo  fedora-legacy.repo   fedora-updates.repo.rpmnew
fedora-development.repo  fedora-extras.repo              fedora-updates.repo  fedora-updates-testing.repo

But I don't see ragel listed:

$ yum list ragel
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Setting up repositories
core                                                                 [1/3]
extras                                                               [2/3]
updates-released                                                     [3/3]
Reading repository metadata in from local files

Is there something I'm missing?
- Stephen Bannasch
  Concord Consortium, http://www.concord.org

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