[ragel-users] Packaging ragel for Fedora Extras

Jeremy Hinegardner jer... at hinegardner.org
Mon Mar 26 19:21:43 UTC 2007

On Mon, Mar 26, 2007 at 02:46:11PM -0400, Stephen Bannasch wrote:
> Hi Jeremy,
> I have the following repositories listed:
> $ ls /etc/yum.repos.d/
> fedora-core.repo         fedora-extras-development.repo  fedora-legacy.repo   fedora-updates.repo.rpmnew
> fedora-development.repo  fedora-extras.repo              fedora-updates.repo  fedora-updates-testing.repo
> But I don't see ragel listed:
> $ yum list ragel
> Loading "installonlyn" plugin
> Setting up repositories
> core                                                                 [1/3]
> extras                                                               [2/3]
> updates-released                                                     [3/3]
> Reading repository metadata in from local files
> $
> Is there something I'm missing?

That should probably read 'sudo yum install ragel'.  Since I'm assuming
you are not root when you did 'yum list ragel' it only used the local
package listing and didn't download the updated package listings from

Try 'sudo yum list ragel' and see what happens.



 Jeremy Hinegardner                              jer... at hinegardner.org 

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