[ragel-users] Re: first of the 6.0 changes

Adrian Thurston thurs... at cs.queensu.ca
Thu Oct 4 20:23:45 UTC 2007

You will be able to override it using the variable statement, like you
can with the other variables.

variable eof peof;


Andrei Polushin wrote:
> Adrian Thurston wrote:
>> I've implemented the first of the 6.0 changes. A new variable named
>> eof and of the same type as p and pe must be declared when there are
>> any EOF actions embedded. When there is no more input following (the
>> last run of write exec) it should be set to pe. Otherwise it should be
>> set to null (-1 in the case of Java and Ruby). If EOF can be known
>> only after the input is exhausted then p=pe=eof=buf can be set and the
>> exec code run.
> Could you rename it to 'peof', please?
> (In my present code, I've used the name 'eof' for the character added at the
> end of input, and 'peof' is the pointer to that character. It looks like
> reasonable to me).

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