Almost Forgot, EaRing: An Assembler Using Ragel and Lemon

Zed A. Shaw zeds... at
Wed Jun 18 21:22:16 UTC 2008

Hey Adrian (and crew),

I almost forgot to announce that I recently did a weird assembler using
Ragel, Lemon, and GNU lightning:

The end result is a very odd dynamic assembler that has a normal syntax
for functions, and could potentially run on multiple platforms.  Ragel
does much more heavy lifting than traditional with a lexer, as it also
wires up callbacks for each opcode to use in the parser.

Lemon takes the tokens that Ragel hands it and builds up the byte codes
and data structures on the fly.  You can do this with an assembler
because the language is so flat.

Additionally, there's a Ternary Search Tree that is used for naming and
any kind of string->value lookups in the software.

Feel free to download and play with it.

Zed A. Shaw
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