[ragel-users] Almost Forgot, EaRing: An Assembler Using Ragel and Lemon

Bob Paddock graceindustr... at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 12:11:46 UTC 2008

On 6/18/08, Zed A. Shaw <zeds... at zedshaw.com> wrote:

>weird assembler using
> Ragel, Lemon, and GNU lightning:
> http://zedshaw.com/projects/earing/
> The end result is a very odd dynamic assembler that has a normal syntax
> for functions, and could potentially run on multiple platforms.

I wonder if you could build the LCC compiler on top of 'odd assembler'


that would then produce code for customized CPUs in FPGA's?


Never seem to find a micro with all the features I want for
my embedded work.  Might just have to make my own someday.

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