[ragel-users] [PATCH] D2 support

Johannes Pfau johannespfau at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 20 11:03:15 UTC 2010

I attached a patch to add D2 support to Ragel. D2 is quite different
from D1 so I created new D2 subclasses in the cd* files. I chose -E for
the commandline switch, but it could be changed to something else. D2
also needs a special syntax for const pointers: const(uint)* is a
mutable pointer to a const uint. I introduced a PTR_CONST_END function
to generate that D2 output. The generated D2 code is entirely correct
now and I tested it with some HTML header parsers.

There's one performance related problem though: In D2 a ubyte[] is
different from a ubyte[n], even if both arrays are initialized at
compile time. The ubyte[] generates a resizeable array at runtime, which
causes a performance problem. The ubyte[n] syntax should instead be used
for static constant arrays. But as ragel doesn't pass the number of
array entries to the OPEN_ARRAY function, there's no easy way to fix
that. So I wanted to ask for advice on how to implement that properly.

Johannes Pfau

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