[ragel-users] JOB: Senior Software Engineer with Parsing Expertise needed at CISCO

breroger breroger at cisco.com
Wed Feb 2 19:33:56 UTC 2011

Please contact Brent at breroger at cisco.com if you are interested in the job
opening listed below.
Senior Software Engineer
Location ­ San Jose, California
Security Technology Business Unit (STBU) within WSRTG, is seeking a Software
Engineer. STBU offers network and content security solutions that enable our
customers to collaborate with confidence. These solutions include our
firewall, intrusion prevention, remote access/VPN, unified client, web and
email security.
Develop software for the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and more
specifically for the SSL VPN Remote Access component. Program in C, C++ and
Javascript on a Linux-based platform with a slew of open source and
proprietary libraries and infrastructure. Small team is central owner of
WebVPN functionality; engage in all aspects of the product life-cycle from
specification, design to development and post release maintenance. Great
opportunity to employ a breadth of software engineering skills in a highly
visible product.
The successful candidate would have 3+ years of industry experience or more,
would have experience working on large projects, analyzing and debugging
Layer 7 protocols, writing parsers for high level languages and has written
javascript to generate javascript.
This candidate will show talent, passion and pride in software architecture,
authorship and quality, excellent collaboration skills, teamwork and cross
functional aptitude.
Expertise in most of the following areas is required:
* Flash decompilation
* Unix/POSIX/Linux application level programming
* Very strong Javascript development skills, with ability to use debuggers
and profilers
* Ability to diagnose issues with proprietary protocols
* knowledge of parsers, regular expressions
* Strong knowledge of the HTTP protocol and HTML
* NTLM, SSL, character encoding
* Differences between browsers, proxies
* Experience with tools and frameworks like wireshark, Pcap, HTTPwatch,
Spidermonkey, webkit

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