[ragel-users] [PATCH] Suppress #line output for Ruby code generation

David Yip yipdw at member.fsf.org
Thu Feb 3 21:41:39 UTC 2011

Hello all,

Not sure if this is the right place to send patches, but I didn't see
anything that looked more appropriate on
http://www.complang.org/ragel/.  (Of course, if I missed it, let me

The attached patch contains three changes:

(1) Implementation of the -L option for Ruby code generation by
suppressing all "# line ..." output.  This isn't the same thing as
what the C/D code generator does, but IMO is the closest
interpretation for Ruby code.  The patch is modelled after the
existing behavior for C/D code generation.
(2) A change to the option listing to signal Ruby as a target language
for which -L is available.
(3) A change that corrects a typo in the option listing ("direcives"
-> "directives").

The patch was generated using git diff, but should apply cleanly with
e.g. GNU patch.

Suggestions and comments welcome.


- David
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