[ragel-users] Debugging colm for win32.

Mel Davis mdavis199 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 19:09:18 UTC 2014

Ragel in the git repo is built with an embedded colm processor.  So the first step towards building ragel on Windows is to build colm.  For win64, 
fairly extensive changes would be needed since colm assumes pointers = 
long data type, but in windows pointers = long long. 

However, I 
can easily build colm for win32 with msys/mingw just by commenting out a
 couple of  unneeded headers.  All the tests pass, except for:  
    binary1, exit4 thru exit 6 ( they crash with access violations)
    multiregion2 (it fails parsing the 2nd line, which is blank. I expect it's just a CRLF issue with the script.)

 can then compile ragel with no changes, but it fails every test. It 
always reports a parse error in the ".ri" file at the first "}$" line.


 is no user guide for colm, so it's difficult for me to debug.   I know 
Adrian Thurston is not building for windows.  but I was hoping that 
someone with intimate knowledge of the software could point me to a 
place to start.  
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